Collection: Sophie Corks

Sophie lives in the beautiful town of Orange, NSW with my french husband and hilarious baby girl, Olive. I paint whenever I have a spare moment - mostly while Olive sleeps.

Many of my paintings are of the cities and towns I’ve lived in and travelled to. I use bold colours and warp perspectives to explore the mood and emotion of the urban environments that surround me. Primarily, Sophie uses acrylic, watercolour, gouache paint and ink pens.

Sophie lived in Sydney for most of her adult life and loved to explore Sydney’s villages - each with its own unique atmosphere and local characteristics. Sophie's paintings of Sydney’s villages showcases the design and architecture of each suburb through bright and bold colours celebrating its urban identity, such as Paddington’s elegance, Redfern’s edge or the retro nostalgia of Bondi.

Diving deep into regional life - Sophie is currently working on a series of paintings focusing on regional Australian towns, showcasing their character and identity through architecture, colour and perspective.

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