Collection: Rhonda Campbell

Rhonda Campbell is an Orange-based painter and printmaker whose abstracted landscapes are about both what she sees and what she feels about her subject. Her works express a response to the sounds and smells of a landscape, as well as to the shapes, textures and tones. Her abstractions are an articulation of the many shades of emotion that sights, sounds and aromas of nature make her feel.

With an interest in colour and texture, Rhonda works up multiple layers that she then manipulates by scratching back or overdrawing, particularly when working with oil, pigment and cold wax. Rhonda delights in the spontaneity and “happy accidents” that occur when working in this way.

Rhonda graduated from the National Art School and Alexander Mackie College in Sydney, Australia. She taught art in Australia and design in London. Her career switched to fashion and design for many years, but when she retired Rhonda began to paint seriously again. She draws significant influence from her travels, in particular in outback Australia.