Signature | Various Artists 2021

Curated by Larissa Blake

SIGNATURE ~ a distinctive pattern, product, or characteristic by which someone or something can be identified.

As a heart-centred, community minded painter, I know how much joy and fulfilment my artistic journey bought me over a twenty-year period. My community has been incredibly supportive of my artistic career for which I am forever grateful.

The decision to become an artist or creative requires, in my opinion, a certain amount of courage. Courage to back yourself, share your inner world and put your heart and soul into your chosen medium.

The artists selected for this show are in various stages of their career. They are friends, peers, and professional acquaintances of mine. They are kind and generous souls who value community and are committed to their creative paths. They have unique signature styles and visual voices and they are interested in the aesthetic of beauty.

It gives me enormous pleasure to share their beautiful work with you.

Peace and love,

Larissa Blake