Emotion, Colour and Attitude | Samantha Coronel 2022

I developed this series wishing to show the emotion of a person in an instant. Capturing my source of inspiration in an image. 

Emotion reigns as the main force above all, regardless of time or space. 

As a tool I used old and current photographs. In these I found planes, directions and shadows that helped me to designate suitable colours for each character. 

I felt that the strong presence of the line was fundamental. The lines delimit, contain and reinforce the gestures. The flat planes of colour synthesise an emptiness or solidity of attitude. 

I have managed to construct and transform an interpretation of my past, to be present in my works. Discovering how valuable is the revelation of the soul and one’s attitude. 

As a result of these reflections, I called the exhibition “Emotion, Colour and Attitude”.