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Jamila Hume

When the Water Recedes

When the Water Recedes

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In late winter this year I drove from Nyngan to Orange to deliver a painting to my art courier. The region had experienced heavy rains and I had heard about the flooding in and around the Central West. I was not prepared for what I saw. Flood waters had cut new tracks, flattened trees, grasses, and fences. Water covered roads and paddocks where live-stock roamed looking for feed. I felt deeply saddened. A few weeks later I made the same drive. The water had receded and things were starting to dry out. This painting represents what I saw when the land was left to rest. Small flowers pushed up, dried mud and dirt streaked across roads, and the grass slowly started to stand upright again. I felt a sense of hope returning in me and in the land.

When the Water Recedes


Oil on Italian linen framed in oak

110 x 110cm

Art Money $350 x 10 months - Find out more.

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