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Jamila Hume

Roadside Attraction

Roadside Attraction

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It was one of the wettest months on record in SE Queensland. Everyone’s spirits, gardens and shoes were saturated. Day after day, grey sky led to more grey sky. The trails, my usual go to on a rainy day were washed out. My shoes were constantly saturated and my spirits, low. Washing, drying washing, drying- towels, socks, dog beds, desperately trying to stave off mould; failing miserably. Resigned to getting soaked yet again, I grabbed the dog leashes and headed out the door, ‘we will walk the roads’, I announced to my two trusty companions. About 45 minutes into the walk, the rain stopped. Small pockets of blue emerged. I felt my shoulders drop, and my heart turn upward. Rather than bracing against the rain, and powering on, I slowed down and started to take in my surroundings. I luxuriated in all of the green…Suddenly, I was awake to the banksias, the long-leaf corkwoods, the hakeas, grevillea, and beautiful bright wattle; to the birds of paradise, and blossoming trees that I did not know the names of…. The visual feast was a reprieve; I took a few photographs and felt my body exhale. This painting was inspired by that one moment of blue in a sea of grey wet days.

Roadside Attraction


Oil on Italian linen unframed

123 x 123cm

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