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Jamila Hume

Blue Butterfly Tree

Blue Butterfly Tree

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The blue butterfly represents hope, change, and new beginnings. What a great way to approach the change in seasons, especially spring! When I was undertaking my graduate thesis research in Western Samoa, a friend asked if I had ever seen a blue butterfly. After some thought I responded that I had yet to see on. The numbers of blue butterflies were in decline in the late 1990’s but on one small section of beach on the far western point of Savai’i, right next to the ocean there existed a tree that danced in eloquence. Thousands of blue butterflies took respite on the branches before fluttering away, upward, blending in to the blue sky and sea. This painting celebrates the infinite possibilities that are within each of us when we allow ourselves to be surprised and delighted.

Blue Butterfly Tree


Oil on Italian linen framed in oak

110 x 110cm

Art Money $350 x 10 months - Find out more.

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