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Jamila Hume

Birds of Paradise

Birds of Paradise

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When I painted the background for this work I wanted to present the golden hour when land and sky blend and melt away. I had a sense of flight in my movements and especially when I started to layer the foliage. Sweeping gestures seemed to communicate bird wings. I continued this motion with my palette knife and this painting evolved. I have used Australian Gold on every painting in the collection but in this work, it takes centre stage. I used the colours of a bird of paradise plant and allowed the freedom and movement of birds taking flight to influence the evolution of the painting. The first time I saw a bird of paradise was at the Sydney Botanical Gardens when I was on a business trip from Canada. I saw a plant and my heart fluttered, my soul soared. I still feel this way when I see them.  

Birds of Paradise


Oil on Italian linen framed in oak

126 x 120cm

Art Money $450 x 10 months - Find out more.

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