Collection: WINTERS

The WINTERS family of Tim Winters and Lynn Winters, husband and wife


‘Wall Stories’ are my homage to all the beautifully coloured, eroded, textured and, sometimes, graffiti covered walls of Olhao, in Portugal. In their own way, they are maps which led us down a labyrinth of cobbled laneways to all the wonders of the town, and guided us home again at night from a sardine dinner at our favourite wine bar, on the edge of the lagoon.


‘Om + Infinity’ is a suite of works inspired by ‘Om’, a drawing by Aida Tomescu.* The initial interpretation was a large suspended work of layers of cane hovering in front of a matt black background. This  suite of works is a direct development, but they are much smaller, and as a result, have a greater visual intensity, but still retain the layering and mysterious effect of the hidden figure from the original artwork.

*Call + Response   Orange Regional Gallery 2011