Collection: Jamila Hume - Spring Hearts Grow Young

Spring came this year to the Outback of NSW as a triumphant roar. Almost overnight, an exuberance ran through me and those around me. The sudden delights of colour, the fluttering of fresh foliage on plum trees, the arresting sight of wattle in full bloom, unapologetically occupying centre stage against a blue sky, reminded us all that we are limitless possibilities. As we witnessed the rejuvenation of the earth so too I witnessed a rejuvenation of my spirit; I felt my essence emerge.

I was further bolstered by Mary Oliver's poem, Mysteries, YES! wherein she marvels at natures' gifts, and writes, 'Truly, we live with mysteries too marvelous to be understood', and she encourages us to '...keep company always with those who say, "Look!" and laugh in astonishment, and bow their heads'...

Steeped in the vitality that I experienced, I created a bold, fresh, and bright collection of works celebrating spring trees and flowers. I curated my colour palettes so that feelings of levity, fresh air, and renewal are visually communicated.

I do hope these works bring joy to you. 

Jamila xx